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March 17, 2018 1:00 AM
MFS Gateway
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MFS Gateway enables you to –


·         Track claim payments

·         Reconcile payments to EOPs

·         View/download EOPs/835s and payment data

·         Query reconciliation data

·         Create customized reports


How does MFS Gateway work?


MFS Gateway is a web portal and corresponding payment receipt system that allows you to view, download and reconcile your claims payments for our payors.  Through MFS Gateway, your billing office will receive a daily email notifying you of the amount of your payments received through the MFS Gateway.  This will prompt your billing personnel to connect to the MFS Gateway web portal and view claims payment detail.  The claims payment detail will correspond directly to the related claims payments you have received electronically through the corresponding MFS Gateway payment receipt system.


What if I use a clearinghouse now?


If you currently utilize a clearinghouse to receive your ERAs, you can continue to receive 835s through that clearinghouse with MFS Gateway.


Will MFS Gateway work with my practice management system?


Yes – if you are able to accept an 835 into your practice management system, you can directly download from the MFS Gateway web portal to your claims management system in the same manner as you do today.


What if I receive checks now?


Through MFS Gateway, we will coordinate electronic receipt of your funds so that they are deposited directly to your designated bank account.  Each day, instead of receiving multiple paper checks in the mail, you will receive a single deposit for claims.  The daily deposit will correspond directly to the associated explanation of payment (EOP) information that you can view/print from the MFS Gateway web portal.


The electronic receipt of funds eliminates the delays associated with receiving claims payments through the mail.


Is the MFS Gateway web portal secure?


Security of patient and payment information is critical.  The MFS Gateway web portal employs advanced security and control protocols to ensure that Provider data is secure.  The MFS Gateway web portal is HIPAA compliant and access is protected through 128-bit encryption technology.

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